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Gryphone (Drop Zone Arena Edition

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Introducing the Gryphon (Drop Zone Arena V1) Blaster – Your Ultimate Battle Advantage:

Step into the future of Nerf battles with the Gryphon V1. This blaster takes your performance to new heights, featuring unmatched experiences from a traditional flywheel. Powered by the Out of Darts (OOD) Valkyrie 130 3s Motor and Worker Mod flywheels, it stands in a league of its own:

  • Unparalleled Power: The OOD Valkyrie 130 3s Motor amps up your shots, redefining the Nerf experience.

  • Impressive Speed: Blaze ahead with darts flying at 130 fps velocity, leaving competitors trailing.

  • Precision Perfected: The OOD Valkyrie motor and Worker Mod flywheels work in harmony, ensuring each shot finds its mark.

  • Sleek Design, Firm Grip: Printed from premium PLA filament, the Gryphon showcases an ergonomic design in stylish white, orange, and black.

Elevate your battlefield domination with the Gryphon (Drop Zone Arena V1) Blaster – where innovation meets precision, and victory becomes inevitable.

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