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Rules And Guide Lines

Party Basic Requirements:

  • Ages:
  1. Anyone above the age of 7 may participate in all games at 200 FPS CAP
  2. Anyone above the age of 12 may participate in all games Over 200 FPS CAP or events FPS CAP
  3. Players who are ages 4, 5, or 6 may participate with a parent/ guardian in the arena. ( Possible 150 FPS CAP )
  4. 3 and under not allowed.
  • Footwear : it is required that all players wear close-toe shoes, any open toe shoes(i.e., sandals, flip flops, etc.). are not permitted
  • Bunkers: We enforce the rule of no jumping over, onto or sliding across and bunkers. This rule is for safety and applies to ALL ages.


  1. No Jumping on, over, and or on-top of bunkers. 1st & 2nd time are warnings, 3rd time will cause player to sit out games. 4th time kicked out arena.
  2. Keep Glasses on your face at all times during play, even when tagged out. 
  3. Call your hits. When hit, say "hit" with hand raised up and walk back to base. Respawns must be done at base (if applicable) Note: anything hit that is attach or wore by player counts as hit/ out; blaster hits will be voted on for counting as hit by players 
  4. If you run out of ammo during playing round, NO pause/ timeout for reload. If hit when reloading, call yourself hit/ out. no safe zones (unless specified).
  5. If your blaster jams and you get hit, your still out; call ref(s) for help with jam if necessary.
  6. HAVE FUN!!! No Curse or Swearing and no physical altercations (please)

Game Rules:


Accepted/ able to do:

  • Grass ( preferably fresh/ healthy at a house or parks with grassed area ).
  • Concert ( preferably a medium to large open area ).
  • Completely dirt ( VERY little to no rocks ).
  • Indoor Fields/ warehouse ( if you're willing to provide for your parties experience ).
  • Indoor building ( i.e. Churches, Temples, Arenas, ask if not listed ).
Rejected/ non-able to do:
  • -Beaches/ sandy areas ( harmful to equipment ).
  • -Lots of debris ( twigs, (sharp) sticks, (abundances of) rocks
  • -Overly wet area ( only in rare cases ). 

Equipment: Players may bring their own blaster and mag/ clip; They are we supply all ammo. Expect to lose any personal ammo and not recommended

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